Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sadly, I'm Not Surprised - Just a Little Disappointed

So after I blogged yesterday, about how I was feeling better, it happened. I began to have knifing nerve pain on my left inguinal side. I haven't had that kind of pain over there in quite a while. But as I continue to discover, this fickle syndrome has a mind of it's own. It likes to leave you guessing.

I thought the pain would strike and then disappear. It likes to do that, keeping me on my toes, so I won't know when to expect it next. However, this time, it was pretty much continuous. Non-stop knifing pain in my left inguinal area. Finally, I had enough. I remember someone on the forum telling me that he takes pain medicine, even when the pain is tolerable. He says, "Why sit there and be in pain if the medicine will take it away?". So armed with that information, I took 2 tylenol. Like magic, the pain was gone in about 1 hour. I had a restful nights sleep and woke up this morning with only a slight remnant of the pain. Kind of like an aftershock. I can tell something is there, but it's not painful.

Score one for post vasectomy pain syndrome. It got me yesterday quite unexpectantly. This just goes to show me that I'll never be completely out of the woods, with regards to pain. That kind of information can break you down mentally. Knowing that pain will be your constant companion. However, the verse..."Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world" keeps playing through my brain. Maybe I'm being taught how to be an overcomer in the face of adversity. I usually just crumble and become a sad sack of suds reaching out to anyone who will show me a little sympathy.

So I need to get my act together and not allow this PVPS to define me or what I do. Sure, it may change how I do things, but I should still be able to do things.

By the way, I didn't stretch out last night or do any "exercises" just in case that was contributing to my pain. I think I'll go for a walk today and do some light stretching, minus the leg lifts and pelvic tilts.

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