Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning After a Busy Weekend, a Lesson in Patience

I had another good night sleep. I moved from side to side with no problems. I woke up and felt pretty good. Then I drove my kids to school and now I've got that little feeling again on my right side. Not pain really, just sensations that if all was well, I wouldn't be noticing.

Despite that though, I feel like I made it through the busy weekend pretty good. I seem to have less pain when I sit around and do nothing. Whereas before, I would have pain, even when I wasn't doing anything. So, I guess that's an improvement. I was telling my wife, that when I have periods in the day without pain, I forget that I have this post vasectomy pain syndrome. I start to feel normal and I think back the previous couple of days and think, "Oh, that wasn't so bad". I'm glad I'm keeping this online journal, because it helps me remember what kind of pain I had, when I had it, and how bad it was.

But even though I feel better, I know I can't overdo it. I've got to stay within myself and slowly push forward. It's like a steep climb to get just 1 or 2 feet in elevation, then there's this long flat plateau before I get to the next riser, which is only a couple of feet again, followed by another long flat plateau.

I feel like I'm on that second plateau. Mentally, I'm ready for some more climbing, but physically, I know I'm not ready. I still hope to be a PVPS success story, Lord willing. I think it's just going to take some time. So no treadmill for me yet. No heavy lifting or stooping/bending. Just daily stretching, casual walking around the neighborhood, eating better, less sitting, etc. I need to be active, but just what would be considered normal daily activity around the house.

Maybe I can get like a certain doctor whom I respect that has PVPS. He participates in triathalons, despite having this horrible condition. I admire him for that. Maybe I'll be able to get aggressive with my activity some day, but not right now. Right now I just need to recover from my reversal surgery, which may take up to a full year. Patience, patience.

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