Friday, April 8, 2011

Desperate For Relief

Everyday brings a new pain of some sort or at least a twist on an old one. I never even considered I'd have nerve pain after my vasecetomy reversal. Wasn't on my radar at all. Now here I am, post reversal, with nerve pain. It comes and goes throughout the day. It has different levels of intensity. But it's always there.

Last night, my right inguinal area was throbbing. My left inguinal area began to hurt for apparently no reason, other than it felt left out. Then it went away. Then it came back. Then my scrotum started to hurt just a bit, then I had pain radiate into my abdomen. Then my right thigh started to feel tight and then the groin muscles began to hurt like I had done too many lunges or squats.

Everyday, it's like this. A plethera of different pains in different places. I think someone said the mental drain of dealing with pain is just as difficult as the pain itself. I think I over emphasize the pain sometimes because it's always there. I still hope to wake up some day and realize it's been two weeks since I had any pain. When will that day come? I hope soon.

My simple prayer -

Lord, please help me be patient. Please help me to trust you more. Please be merciful and don't turn away from me. Make us well and help other people who hurt. We need you now more than ever. In Jesus name, Amen

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