Sunday, June 9, 2013

A New Normal

I think this title sums everything up rather well. I'm experiencing a new normal in my life with regards to my post vasectomy pain symptoms. The swelling I experienced last month is still present. The random aches and pains continue. Life still revolves, somewhat, around how I'm feeling down there.

Viewpoint has a lot to do with everything. Is your cup half empty or half full. What a difference your approach makes. I believe having 'a new normal' approach is most helpful to me. When I experience a change in my symptoms, I just tell myself, "No big deal, it's just a new normal". For whatever reason, that seems to work for me. It keeps me off the emotional roller-coaster of getting too high when things are great and too low when everything kind of sucks.

So here's my most recent update since last month...I still have swelling on my right side. I'm having inexplicable pains or spasms, radiating out from my right groin area which extend to my right thigh, buttocks, lower back and side. This seems to result from over activity involving too much standing. Tylenol seems to help this pain, as I took 1000 mgs last night with good results.

I have had a change in my cardiac medicine. I'm now off the Coreg, which was an alpha and beta blocker. Now I'm taking Metoprolol, which is only a beta blocker. I'm wondering if removing the 'alpha blocking' component with impact how I feel in my groin, as I think alpha blockers are sometimes prescribed for men with prostate/urine flow issues. We'll see.

Other than that, not much else has changed. For those inclined, here is a link to my book about my vasectomy experience.

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