Monday, May 6, 2013

Weathering the Storm

Could it be the epididymitis has passed? I'm not really sure. There isn't that nagging pain down there (unless I sit for too long). The swelling is still present, but not as prominent as the last few weeks have been. I hope it is passed. I hope it never comes back. But it will I'm sure. The only question is when. Hopefully it will be a long time, like decades.

In the meantime, things seem to have returned to 'normal', whatever that is. I still get random pains here and there. No real rhyme or reason to them, just 'cause I guess. I have a doctor's appointment with a new cardiologist this week. I pray my heart is in good shape, despite the lack of activity induced by the PVPS.

It seems the older I get, the more unsteady the ground is; the more plates I try to keep spinning in the air at one time. Reminds me that I can't do it by myself. Thank God I have Jesus to get me through. Seriously, how else can I do it. My decisions always stink and mess things up. The more I have tried to control, the more things get turned upside down. But when I wait on the Lord to answer my prayers and provide for me, the better the outcomes. I know that sounds weird, especially if you don't believe like I do, but it's absolutely the truth. I just can't make stuff like this up.

I could tell you story after story, but probably not entirely appropriate for a PVPS blog. Maybe some day though. Who knows, maybe I'll write a book about it.

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