Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prediction Comes True

Well, I posted a while ago about how I was in the middle of a good cycle, with regards to my pain. At the time, it had been two months with less than bothersome pain to report. But I said my good cycles last about 2 months and that I should be expecting some real pain pretty soon.

Sadly, it happened. The racking pain on my left side started in this morning. Just a twinge here and there, but I knew what was coming. Now, I have consistent racking pain on the left side. I wouldn't say it is anything major though, but very bothersome and uncomfortable.

Part of the problem of dealing with chronic pain is when you don't have it, you actually hope for a normal life and you get excited at the possibility of having a normal life, pain-free. But then when the pain cycle comes around and kicks in, you get pretty disheartened and frustrated. You think, "Just when I was starting to think this whole mess was behind me, here it is again."

I did walk on the treadmill today with my athletic supporter on, so maybe that will help. I'll try to keep active the next couple of days, but will likely take some ibuprofen later today if it doesn't improve on its own.

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