Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time with the Wife

A lot of people wonder what it must be like to have this PVPS and then at the same time, be intimate with the wife. There are a lot of guys who have pain when they are in the act of intimacy. I haven't experienced that yet (thank the Lord). I say 'yet', because pains associated with PVPS can come out of nowhere and without warning.

Last night though, I probably had the closest thing to what I just described. When we were done, I began to have this intense sharp pain in the posterior area of my scrotum. It felt like someone sticking a pin in the back of my scrotal sack. It was very peculiar and not at all what I would like to experience again.

The pain level would probably rate a 3 on a 1-10 pain scale. It passed after about 10 minutes. It almost felt like I needed some scrotal support, as gravity did not make it feel any better.

Another point to make about intimacy with your wife is this, ejaculations do seem to help with the inguinal pain symptoms. I think it's because the prostate gets to release and shrink a little in size, and if there is any build up of sperm, it gets a chance to release as well. I have no science on this, just a theory for how it does seem to help with pain. But I know I can't push this too much. For example, if we are very active in a short period of time, I will actually experience more inguinal pain. So there is a certain degree of pacing that I need to practice in this area. It seems a steady pace works better for me (from a pain standpoint). Of course, other guys may and are probably different.

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