Thursday, November 1, 2012

Increased Activity

Let's face it. It can get a little chilly up here in the pacific NW. The enjoyable summer is now a distant memory for locals and a steady stream of rainy and cold days has become what seems like the permanent forecast. But we did have some breaks here and there. We finally got outside and hiked around a bit. It felt great to stretch the legs and get some activity outside the house.

Meanwhile, I had something interesting happen after my wife and I shared some intimate time. I began having pain in my "you know what". It started a few hours afterward. Thank goodness it didn't occur while we were together. I hear from some men who experience that. I just can't imagine (and don't want to imagine) how that must be. I'd say this was just about the most significant pain I've had in my Johnson. I remember having twinges and little sensations that came and went, but this was ever present, ever painful and wasn't going away.

I figured it to be some kind of nerve pain. So when I have nerve-like pain, I reach for the Tylenol. I took 1000 mgs and hoped for the best. About an hour later, the pain was gone and hasn't returned. I also haven't had anymore E.J.'s since then. I'll be curious if this is going to be a regular occurrence or just a one time deal. I'm obviously hoping for the one time deal.

Outside of that little experience, things are pretty stable. An ache here and there, but nothing to write home about.

Regarding my big announcement: I've just about got the final touches done. One more little thing to finish and then I'll be able to tell you all what is going on, so stay posted. There will be a nice little companion to the Vasectomy Side Effects blog which I think everyone will enjoy.

Interestingly, some other man on the PVPS forum started a website/blog to help get the word out. So far, he's had quite a few visitors too. It seems like more people are coming out of the closet with their vasectomy pain and side effects. That's good to hear. I think there is a silent minority of people out there who suffer everyday and just don't know where to turn. Now there are several resources available to get your questions answered. I just hope I can help you in some way as well.

Good luck.

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