Thursday, January 26, 2012

Something Popping Into My Scrotum

With my recent streak of pain, I've had to look frantically for more coping mechanisms. This is what I've done in the last couple of days to help with the pain.

  1. I no longer sleep on my right side.
  2. I no longer sit with my left leg in the "Indian-style" of sitting. Any stretching of the left groin makes something kind of pop out into my scrotum and the pain is tremendous.
  3. I have begun walking around the neighborhood. The treadmil seems like too much at this point.
  4. I don' stand for very long. Standing makes something pop out into my left scrotum also. Not sure what this is, but again, it hurts like crazy.
  5. Stay on computer for only 10 minutes at a time. Even if I'm not feeling any pain. Just kind of get on and then get off.
  6. Wear athletic supporter 24/7, yes - even to bed
That's what I've got so far in the last two days. Again, I'm not sure what is going on down there and why this thing keeps popping into my scrotum. But when the testicles get pushed forward, it hurts. When the boys get squished, that same thing hurts. This is a new development for sure.

Well, can't stay on the computer any longer. Got to start moving. Back with more later.

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