Saturday, October 29, 2011

Left Side is Barking

I woke up this morning and my left testicle was not very happy. It had his throbbing, spiking pain that lasted all morning. I would put the pain at at 3 or 4, but it only lasted for about 2 seconds before the throbbing took it away. Then a few seconds later it would happen again. Very weird. Then it just stopped.

As my wife said last night, who knows why I have pain. Who knows what really sets it off and who knows why it stops suddenly. You just have to learn how to roll with the punches sort of speak. I've usually had no trouble doing that in other areas of my life, but when the punch is in your scrotum, it kind of is hard to ignore.

After lunch, I haven't had any pain. Again, who knows why? But I won't look that gift horse in the mouth. To sum up, I'm still taking a multi vitamin. I'm still praying. I'm still using my coping mechanisms. I'm still taking a hot bath.

That's about it.

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