Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anyway You Look at it, Pain is Pain

I have a lot of entries on this blog that describe various types of pain and sensations. Some hurt really, really bad, while others are just annoying and bothersome. Today, in fact, I had an old pain, caused by something entirely new. I had a bowel movement...five minutes later, I had right inguinal nerve pain that wouldn't go away. A couple minutes went by and I sat there wondering, why I was hurting. I hadn't been sitting or squatting, bending or lifting. I just went to the bathroom.

Then my stomach started feeling a little upset. Then I passed a little gas, which my kids thought was hilarious! Then I thought that maybe I should go to the bathroom again. Maybe the pressure in my colon was causing the pain. As that idea was milling around in my mind, the nerve pain ended and hasn't returned.

So it seems like exerted pressure, no matter what the source, will cause my nerve pain. This makes me think there must be something like scar tissue pushing on a nerve. I imagine this glob of tissue occupying a space that it shouldn't be. So when I bend, stretch or get a little gas, it ends up irritating something it shouldn't be. Perhaps maybe they'll come up with a test that will determine things like this. Like some kind of a scan or something. As my mom used to say, "If they can put a man on the moon...why can't they figure out what is causing my pain!".

But in the end, pain is pain - no matter where it comes from or how it got there. I think that's part of the mental aspect. You just have to accept the pain isn't going away. That it's no worse than a pulled muscle or cut or sprained ankle. Some how, that helps me with the mental aspect of it.

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