Friday, September 30, 2011

Good to Talk With the Wife

My wife and I had a nice little talk about where I am these days, last night. It was just one of those nice talks that you get with your wife every so often that reconnects you. Even though I wasn't enjoying the subject matter, vasectomy reversal pain, it was nice to know she is interested in how I feel. So check mark last night as a good night.

I'm still waiting for the other foot to drop, but it hasn't yet. So, I will stop waiting for the nasty monster to come out of the closet. Instead, I'm going to just keep living life and if the bad cycle comes, then so be it. I don't want to appear cavalier or over-confident. Rather, I think you just can't live your life thinking something bad is going to happen, because guess what, it probably will. But if it doesn't, then you've wasted all that time worrying. These are tough lessons for me, because I am by my very nature, a worry-wart. I'm not proud of it, mind you.

So, I'm going to go buy some camping gear and plan our camping trip, regardless of where the pain is. Then if it comes, I can deal with it then, otherwise, I'll just try to enjoy the good days I have.

Regarding pain, I had some dull right inguinal nerve pain when I woke up this morning. Nothing painful yet, it feels more like a pulled muscle. I also just had a wave of pain in my left teste, that was like a racking sensation. It hurt, but only for a second. Again, might just be the power of suggestion as I think about pain. Or it could be this dad-blamed computer chair. Even with an extra pillow on it, I can't stay seated in it for very long.

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