Sunday, September 25, 2011

Distractions Can Be a Good Thing

Woke up early for a men's bible study and am just now getting to bed. I've been awake almost 18 hours. It has been a long day. But a day where I actually felt normal. We went on a little hike at 5000 feet. My son got a headache and had some chest pain. As if I didn't have enough to worry about with my health problems. So we came back down to sea level and went on a day hike. We set up camp, had a campfire and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. All the time, I didn't really notice any pain.

I think being busy doing something you like to do helps with the pain. You probably don't notice the twinges as much. I'm sure I probably had them, but I didn't really dwell on them if I did. I've experienced this similar phenomenon before. If I'm really busy doing something, the pain doesn't seem to bother me as much.

This just goes back to the idea of how chronic pain can play mind games with you. That is, if you keep yourself occupied, the little things aren't noticed. Now, I will say this...the knifing nerve pain is always noticed, no matter what I'm doing. I've heard men report making love with their wives and then being in incredible pain with PVPS. Now if you were to be distracted, being intimate with your wife would do it.

Anyway, I enjoyed today's distractions. It helped me feel like a normal person today. Oh and by the way, today is my wife and I's 17 year wedding anniversary. I've enjoyed almost every day. The PVPS has created challenges, but the good Lord has helped both of us through them.

So a shout out to my wife...I love you darlin'. Looking forward to another 17 years, this time hopefully with less PVPS symptoms - Lord willing.

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