Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Know This Won't Come as a Shock to Anyone...

Okay, my wife and I got together Sunday morning. Finally, after three weeks since my last episode of horrible pain. Everything went without a hitch. No pain and no apprehension, which kind of surprises me as I was very concerned that pain was some how going to be involved. Okay, so the nerve pain on my right side is getting a little bit better, but...(and here comes the part that shouldn't surprise anyone), now my left side is starting to ache this nerve-like inguinal ache.

I swear, this gets you coming and going. Once you think one thing, something else happens. Then the whole cycle seems to just repeat itself. Part of the frustration I suppose that comes with any chronic condition. I still have to say that if I measure my progress in terms of months, this has been a better month than last. I didn't have to dip into the tylenol or ibuprofen as much, although I did have 2 fairly bad episodes early in the month that required me taking my post-op surgery pain medicine.

My hope is that every month will continue to show improvement in some way. Someone from my church had a heart attack and died this last week, so I know it could be worse and I don't want to sound whiney in this blog. Rather, it is a journal of my symptoms, so it's part therapy and part history. I want to be completely honest in this blog so I can check my progress.

Oh, I almost forgot, I went walking last night. If I read my journal correctly, I've had nerve pain after walking twice in the last 7 days. However, it still feels good to walk. The motion of moving my legs for an extended period of time is very gratifying. I hope the pain isn't related to the walking. I guess I'll try to keep tabs on that to see if there is a correlation. I need to start stretching out again, as that seemed to help before.

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