Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Vasectomy Pain is Back - Sort of

Yesterday was a busy day around the house. I was feeling great though, and I didn't have any pain at all. I painted, I installed a new ceiling light, I drove a few errands in the car, I actually felt normal. That is probably the best day I've had since my vasectomy reversal surgery back in December.

Today I woke up feeling okay. "Wow", I thought. All that work yesterday and I'm waking up feeling just as good. However, I did stretch out pretty hard this morning in bed before I got up. I stretched my legs and arms like I haven't done in quite a while. Then I felt a slight sensation in my groin. Nothing that was painful or even that noticeable, to be honest with you. Just something that reminded me that I probably shouldn't be stretching that aggressively because something bad might happen.

I got dressed, drove us all to church, sat down and then "Wham". A pain came out of nowhere on my left groin side. Then "wham" again and a couple more times. Then we drove home (my wife drove this time) and I made a sandwich. Then my right side started hurting. I was having nerve pain again. In fact, as I type this, the nerve pain is hitting me on the right side.

I took the Rapaflo last night, just like I have the last several nights. But now, the pain is back. However, I think the pain on my left is still related to that pesky spermatocele. Today just happens to be only 54 degrees. When it's cold outside, my scrotum pulls up to my body and pushes that spermatocele into stuff that shouldn't be getting pressed upon. What about the right sided nerve pain? I think that is simply from me over doing it yesterday.

So today, I'm taking it easy. I'm going to help my son with his biography of John Wycliffe for school. Make sure he's ready for his spelling and history test at school tomorrow, and then I'm turning in early. We have almost everything done at our house. Just some packing away stuff for storage, add a touch up of paint here and there, etc. The big projects seem to be done. I have a couple of neighborhood kids taking care of the landscaping, mowing, edging, etc., so hopefully, I can continue to heal up in my pelvic area.

Oh, and not that this has anything to do with vasectomy side effects, but I was asked to teach next week's Sunday School for the 7-10 years olds. That's the first time our church has asked me to do anything like that. I hope I don't let them or the children down. It's quite an honor that I take seriously. Well, that's about it. Until next time, don't get a vasectomy.

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