Sunday, March 27, 2011

Journal Entry

So much for the 80 degree weather. Back in the low 50's and I think I've discovered a pattern. It seems like when it's cold, my testicles move up into my body and that creates a "racking" sensation on my left side. You see, since my vasectomy reversal in December of 2010, I've had this little puffy thing on top of my left testicle. Some have described it as a spermatocele. If it is a spermatocele, then it may go away on its own, or it may not. Crazy isn't it?

Anyway, this used to be soft and squishy. When my urologist would examine me, he could squeeze it without hurting it. Of course, then it would ache for the next two days. Well, now it isn't nearly as squishy. It's kind of becoming hardened and when it moves up inside of me (on colder days) I notice the pain. I'm also having some referred pain behind my left kidney that moves from my left hip. That's new.

My right side kind of aches a little bit and then it doesn't. It is being very fickle today. I did a lot of yard work yesterday, so maybe it's just reacting to the increased activity.

I also have a lot of questions about epididymitis and why mine manifested the way it did. I've asked the group one of my questions. Hopefully, I'll get some feedback from them. I guess that's it for today. I wonder what crazy new pain or sensation I'll have to write about tomorrow.

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