Saturday, March 26, 2011

Journal Entry - Weekend

Well, last night went okay. I did have some nervey pain on the right inguinal side, but nothing too bad. Today, we worked out in the yard. Lots of digging, kneeling, bending, pushing, carrying, etc. Your typical spring landscaping clean up kind of day.

Right now, I am a little sore in the inguinal area, but more like I did too many sit ups, rather than that nerve-like pain. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, as there seems to be a 24 hour lag between activity and pain. Might be a motrin day tomorrow. We'll see.

Right now though, it's time to kick back a little, eat some lunch and keep an eye on the kids in the back. It's in the 80's and they're running through the sprinkler. They're kind of quiet right now, which usually means they're up to no good. So I'll sign off this weekend version of my vasectomy side effects jounal.

Have church tomorrow, which is a little uncomfortable. They don't have the most cushie seats, I might have to bring my own cushion that I use in the car.

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