Monday, December 17, 2012

Vas Deferens Pain

I was thinking about pain in the vas deferens, can you actually feel it, is it the vas deferens that actually is hurting, etc. This brought me to an article describing the role of patency in vasectomy reversal for patients suffering from PVPS. Most guys, including me, who undergo a vasectomy reversal are hoping the reconnected plumbing will remove the back-up congestion. Thus, relieving the stress on the epididymis.

An article in the International Journal of Impotence Research in September of 2012 looked at this very issue of patency. The article is entitled, "Efficacy of vasectomy reversal according to patency for the surgical treatment of postvasectomy pain syndrome" by JY Lee, et al in Seoul, Korea.

They isolated 32 patients who underwent a vasectomy reversal for PVPS over a 10 year period. Of the 32 patients, 22 participated in the study. Patency was achieved in 68% of the men or about 15/22. The overall satisfaction with the procedure was scored categorically as follows: (a) cure, (b) improvement, (c) no change, or (d) recurrence.

There was a significant difference in this satisfaction score based on patency; those with patency reported higher satisfaction than those without patency. The authors go on to conclude that patency achievement with vasectomy reversal in PVPS patients has a direct relationship to surgical satisfaction and overall pain reduction.

So the goal for vasectomy reversal for PVPS patients should be the same as those looking to reverse their infertility, patency of sperm.

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