Friday, November 23, 2012

Sitting at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now we find ourselves in the middle of a consumer binge known as Black Friday - what would our forefathers think of this? Last night was wonderful. We sat around a friend's dinner table and had our fill of turkey, dressing, etc. The food was as good as the company. Lots to be thankful for sure.

We sat at the table for probably 2 hours, just eating and talking. What a grand time. Then we all realized we had food babies growing within us, so we retired to the comfort of the sofas. There we watched football and talked about nothing in particular.

When we got home, I noticed another familiar friend which decided to drop in on us for the holiday - PVPS. Yep, all that sitting at the dinner table had done it's worst to me. I had knifing pains on the left side mixed in with a distant racking sensation to boot. My wife wanted to us to be intimate, but after seeing me in pain, figured I wouldn't be able or interested.

So off to the medicine cabinet I went looking for some ibuprofen. Within about 1 hour the pains were gone, but unfortunately, my wife was asleep for the night. Today, we walked around the stores for what seemed like hours as my children added ideas to their Christmas wish list.

Funny, but all that slow walking, aka: meandering, and standing around while my kids took everything in, was almost as difficult as the constant sitting from last night. Only this time, my lower back and of all things, the area around my waistline, below my belly button, started to ache. This is quickly relieved by sitting.

There you go, another entry of how my life is different because of my vasectomy. I still wish I hadn't gone through with it. I sit here sometimes and wonder how much better my life would be if I had opted for our old tried and true method of birth control.

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